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Welcome to PLENTY

The River Church Wales,  "FareShare" Program

Not everyone needs the support of a foodbank. But in these crazy days... maybe you could do with your shopping bill being reduced a bit for a few weeks.

If that is you - then Plenty could be exactly what you are looking for!

We are working with a national agency who receive excess or surplus food from the big supermarkets.  We buy this food for a reduced price... and can offer you a hamper of

INCREDIBLE VALUE... for a small donation.

For a minimum donation of £3* you will receive a minimum of 10kgs of food. An average price for buying this hamper in the shops would exceed £20.  We cannot guarantee what food you will receive... BUT we can guarantee it will be worth MUCH MUCH more than your donation.

* NB Minimum of £5 donation for a Family Hamper - at least double the size


How does it work?

  1. Call before SUNDAY 6pm or Text 07549 925 002 - leave your name and number
  2. Recieve a call back from our team - explain why it would be helpful for you to join the fareshare scheme (this is not aimed to catch you out - but this service is for people who really do need a little help... hope that makes sense!)
  3. Collect your first hamper, make a small donation
  4. Recieve a pass which will allow you access to PLENTY for 5 more occasions (you can come every week, or once a month, or as and when you need).
  5. You will need to call to book a hamper each time your want one. You will need to make a minimum donation each time you attend. Your access pass will be marked off each time you attend also.
  6. After 6 occasions we will have a chat with you to see if you need continued support. WE WANT TO HELP!

Why the minimum donation?

We figure this is GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY! If you are unable to meet this donation foodbank would be a better source of help for you. Your donation will be used to continue our work to help others.

Do I need a voucher?

No. However, You will need to register with our team, and book a hamper for collection. The criteria is not as strict as food bank, and you can self refer. We will need to understand a little about your circumstances - BUT - the service is confidential, and WE WANT TO HELP if we can!

Can I chose what I receive?

Not at the moment, as the hampers will be prepared  in line with what we receive at PLENTY


07549 925 002


River Church Wales

Tram Rd.,


NP12 2JF